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How Much does a Yurt Cost per Square Foot?

Updated: Jan 17

Prices are from Great Lakes Yurt co

Yurt Shop - Great Lake Yurt Company (

Base Model Yurt

16- $38/sqft

20- $29/sqft

24- $25/sqft

30- $21.5/sqft

Fully Loaded Yurt

16- $57/sqft

20- $42/sqft

24- $35/sqft

30- $29/sqft

Explanation why there's such a big price difference

As you can see the price per square foot of a yurt changes a lot base off of size. A lot of that is because things like the center ring, dome, doors, and windows are pretty similar on all yurts. This means there's a base cost for every yurt no matter the square footage.

Also the way the math works the smaller the object the greater the surface area (circumference) to area ratio. When you're buying a yurt from somewhere like Great Lakes Yurt co you're buying the exterior and the outermost part of the yurt. That is what is most affected by this ratio. The proof is that a 16’ yurt has about half the circumference of the 30’ yurt, but about 1/4 the area. A better representation of this is if you take two 16’ yurt walls and put them together you get more than enough to make one 30’ yurt wall. When you take 2 standalone 16’ yurts you get a total of 400 sq ft vs the 707 sq ft in a 30’ yurt.

Deck/ Slab costs

Deck Cost: $15-$23/sqft plus labor

  • Spruce top boards (This is what Great Lakes Yurt co recommends) $5-$8/sqft for the top boards.

  • (link on the bottom) states that the deck framing costs between $10-$15 a Square foot. Obviously you can't get an accurate cost because your deck could be on the ground vs 6ft in the air.

  • Angi also quotes that labor can be from $5-$15 a square foot

Concreate Slab: $4-$8/sqft

  • This is what This old house quoted

  • For just the price of concrete its about $3/sqft. That's for $125/yard and a slab 6in deep

Deck/ Slab Price

16' $800- $4,600

20' $1,256- $7,222

24' $1,808- $10,396

30' $2,828- $16,261

Total Cost of a Yurt

Price/ Square Foot

16' $42- $61

20' $33- $52

24' $29- $48

30' $26- $45

Total Cost

16' $8,400- $12,200

20' $10,362- $16,328

24' $13,108- $21,696

30' $18,382- $31,815

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